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The following are sample Q&A's which may be of interest.

These are in no particular order, so you may wish to skim them all.....



How long does it take to make from the time of initial order?   

Haddon normally make to order and dependent on specification, typically take between 8-12 weeks from the time of starting to being ready for dispatch. However, this is subject to seasonal demands and workshop commitments at the time. Therefore, if you have a particular date for delivery i.e. birthday, christening etc. you should really discuss your requirements at the earliest opportunity to avoid any possible delay or disappointment.



Can I order today and have delivery tomorrow?  

Yes and No... subject to availability.  Whilst Haddon normally make to order they often hold a select but small number in stock for their our own in-house display. Therefore, if they have what you want or if you are flexible on colour and style, then yes... Haddon can sometimes offer a next day delivery.



Why are Haddon rocking horses considered to be so strong?   

Retaining their classical grace and elegance, Haddon rocking horses are singular in their design as to how they are made and the materials used.  For example, the timbers and sprung steel fixings of the safety swing stand are typically 20% thicker than many others so they are particularly strong and durable but their added weight also helps improve stability with a lower center of gravity. Further and perhaps principally, as materials and methods of construction continue to evolve and improve over the decades, the horse body is uniquely constructed using ultra-modern Kevlar ® reinforced carbon fibre composite materials together with additional steel rods that run inside the full length of the legs; so a new Haddon rocking horse body is decidedly strong and has a lifetime guarantee* to not crack, split, warp or distort.



Do I have a choice of styles and colours?   

Yes...  Understandably there have been many variations in colours and styles over the decades, with the standard finish of a Haddon rocking horse now firmly settled upon a grey dapple style with black hair, brown leather tack and mounted on an oak timber base.  However, rocking horses are by nature individual and as they're made to order the opportunity to flex the final choice of personal colour and style is often possible at no additional cost.



I’ve had my Haddon rocking horse since a child and now considering having it refurbished for my children. Can you collect it from Dublin [Ireland] and then deliver back to Tenby [Wales] once completed?  

Certainly, Haddon use their own in-house transport to cover Ireland and the mainland UK, including some areas of continental Europe. This is a door to door service using their our own staff so you don't even have to worry about any wrapping or packing, just show the driver where it is and they’ll do the rest.



Can you arrange delivery to New Zealand? 

Yes... Haddon work with reputable international partners and can arrange shipping to many destinations around the globe by either air, sea, road and rail...  acknowledging different transit times and budgets. 



Do Haddon rocking horses come in different sizes?

Yes, Haddon rocking horses are available in two different sizes... the standard and perhaps more popular size is mounted on a base which is 4' 6" long and sits 42" from the floor to the top of the ears. This is considered by many to be a great size for most pre-teens and yet strong enough to take the weight of a 91Kg adult. The second size is even larger and considered as extra large, mounted on a base 5' 2" long and 52" to the top of the ears.



I would like to purchase a rocking horse as a surprise birthday gift but have nowhere to secretly store it beforehand. Is it possible to arrange a specific day and time for delivery?  

Yes, Haddon have their own in-house transport so they can be assuredly reliable and flexible on delivery days/times which includes weekends, early mornings, late evenings and often within a specific thirty minute time slot if required.     



Do you restore old rocking horses?  I have a Haddon which was bought for me as a child. She has been a faithful friend to me and for both of my now grown up children as well and I would like to have her restored for my first grandchild.  

Haddon are delighted to offer existing owners an inclusive fixed price for a full in-house refurbishment of their Haddon rocking horse so there are no hidden additional costs or surprises.  It is returned looking refreshed, almost like new and hopefully ready to provide further years of faithful service and enjoyment. The fixed price will also include UK Mainland collection - delivery.



I wish to undertake some repairs myself, can I purchase accessories separately? 

Yes you can. Simply email what you need together with a picture of your horse so Haddon can confirm model/size and they will promptly email you back with prices and availability.  



Why does Haddon apply Tung oil to the Oak timber? 

A varnished finish remains a popular and available option but there are a number of advantages in applying Tung oil as an alternative to a conventional varnish with the two key reasons as follows.  The timber framed base section by its very nature can frequently get kicked or knocked and result with potentially unsightly chips and subsequent flaking of the varnish, whilst an oiled finish will not chip or flake.  In addition, timbers will want to naturally breath, expand, contract and flex throughout their life. Tung oil will allow this to happen whilst enhancing the natural colour of the timber and also act as a natural moisture repellent, hopefully providing many decades of service with the minimum of maintenance.



How do I pay? 

Haddon accept payments by either Cheque or Bank Transfer (internet banking?). 



I have an old Haddon rocking horse, can you advise its value? 

Haddon regularly have them returned to them for refurbishment, invariably because they’re being passed down within the family. However, Haddon do not actually buy or sell second-hand items or have any other involvement in the pre-owned market and therefore understandably are not best placed to advise on second-hand values although it is understood for there to be an active market... Haddon suggest for pre-owned valuations contacting your local auction rooms as some have their own in-house specialist departments who may be able to help or at least point you in the right direction?